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How can we upgrade our life?

We are problem solvers

  • Healthier life

    We help you seek healthier life, physically and mentally. Yes! Strong mind comes from strong body, vice versa.
    我们帮助您在身心上寻求更健康的生活。 是的! 强大的意识来自强壮的身体,反之亦然。

  • Financially abundant

    When you look at the root of almost every problem, it's related to financial issue. How can we ever be free from economical stress?
    当您深入探讨所有问题的根源时,它几乎都与财务问题有关。 我们如何才能摆脱经济压力呢?

  • Achieve goals

    99% of people meander around before ever reaching their true goals. How can we be more efficient?
    99% 的人在实现真正的目标之前都是无所头绪。我们怎样才能更有效地达到目标呢?


Angeline Goh 吴思澐

Ever since meeting Medicine Buddha in 2020, I began to practice Medicine Buddha’s prescription every day and night, hoping to solve my life challenges. I also teach my daughter to practice together. I am so grateful that Medicine Buddha really helped me. I have a stable income, and I have enough funds to attend classes. What makes me even happier is that the daughter who had health problems does not need surgery anymore, she just needs continuous observation. More than that, my daughter also received sponsorship to sign up for coming Medicine Buddha retreat and a brand-new laptop. I am so grateful that Medicine Buddha has helped me and my family so incredibly.

Kok How 国豪

I joined Medicine Master Retreat in December 2020. During the pandemic, the government implemented the Movement Control Order, which cut off my source of income. I was worried about all the expenses needed for my family. Fortunately, I have faith to Medicine Master. Medicine Master lend me a helping hand whenever I need it. I practice Dr. Blue’s teachings in daily basis. During TSE CHU (the sacred dinner), I prepared dinner as well as I could. Besides, I practice the Eight Precepts too. Dr. Blue shows his incredible strategy to help me. The government has released subsidies to people, and I get a few job offers that bring me substantial income to settle my financial problem from time to time. I am grateful for Dr. Blue’s kindness to overcome all these challenges.

Joey Chua

I started to understand the truth of life after learning Medicine Master’s teaching. At the same time, I hope my parents can receive the healing from Medicine Master’s too. Therefore, I decided to give my mom the best gift ever, which is I sponsor her to attend the Medicine Master Retreat. Since attending the lessons, she practices Medicine Master’s teaching. My mom has become wiser everyday. The relationships between my parents are much better than last time. Even if there are quarrels sometimes, my mom can resolve it well too. I am so grateful to Medicine Master’s blessings. Now, my family are living in harmony together. 自从接触蓝药师后,我开始了解生命的本质,并希望家里年迈的父母也能得到疗愈。于是,我决定送我的母亲一份礼物,就是帮她报名了药师静修营。母亲上课后,每日早晚都修持药师法。蓝药师如同替她开了智慧般。我父母的关系变得和谐融洽。就算偶尔有小争执,我母亲也可以妥善解决。感恩蓝药师的护持,修补了他们的关系,一家人更和睦相处。

Annie Ng

During the Medicine Master retreat, my friend's grandmother was hospitalized suddenly. The doctor said it was really emergency case and asked them to be mental prepared. She is not Buddhist but she willing to give this a try. I pray to Medicine Master and the twelve-Yaksha on behalf of her grandmother. This is the first time I asked for help from Medicine Master, also my first time to tie the twelve diamond knot. In fact, I also chant the twelve Yaksha names many times. Few days later, she shared with me that her grandma, survived through the difficult time and discharged from the hospital. Now she is able to speak and had a clear consciousness. I am so grateful to the Medicine Master and the twelve Yaksha.

Yeongguek 容月

My youngest daughter and eldest son-in-law have not contact or talk to each others for more than a year. I tried to persuade them but all in vain. They both insisted on their positions. Therefore, I make a wish to see their relationship in harmony before the Lunar New Year in 2021. I hope I can see that the whole family gathers together in harmony to have dinner together. My wish is really fulfilled. My eldest daughter called me to have dinner together. And I realized that it was my youngest daughter asked my eldest daughter and son-in-law to have dinner. My youngest daughter gave me a very touching surprise, one of my wishes has been fulfilled, and I am really touched. Medicine Master is really very spiritual. Come on, everyone, Medicine Master will definitely fulfill your wish.
我的小女儿与大女婿因为某些事情而闹的很僵,已经一年多没有来往与交谈了,我曾试图劝解,但是都徒劳无功,他们都坚持自己的立场,彼此的傲慢与固执,让我很伤心但是有无可奈何。经过吴老师教导药师,我对药师是100%的相信,所以在我所发的愿望,希望在2021年的农历新年前可以看到他们的关系和谐,我希望可以看到一家人和谐共聚在一起共享聚餐,我的愿望真的实现了,我大女儿打电话约我吃饭,原来是我的小女儿约我的大女儿及女婿吃饭,我小女儿给予我一个非常感动的惊喜,我所发的其中一个愿望已经实现了,我真的非常感动 药师真的是非常灵,大家加油,药师一定会满你所愿

Pauline Tan

I had a plantar wart (growth) on my right heel for long time and it always gave me some discomfort and pain. In June, I decided to remove the wart with a minor surgery. However, the heel doesn't feel normal. After one of the Life Liberation Day, my right heel swelled up, I was unable to walk properly that morning. And miraculously, the pain and swell was gone after that. I feel grateful to have this opportunity to learn from great Teachers like Geshe Michael and Dr. Wu, we must treasure and be grateful for these teachings. So join the next retreat, I believe it can help to stop Covid and transform our lives with the understanding of Emptiness of Medicine Master.
我的右脚跟长了足部疣很长一段时间了。这对我造成了各种不舒服和疼痛。终于在六月,我决定做个小手术切除它。但是手术后,依然感觉不舒服。有一次放生后,我的右脚突然肿了,当天早上连路都走不好。之后却奇迹般的,我的右脚就消肿也感觉不到疼痛了。 我非常感恩有这个机会跟格西麦克老师和吴老师学习。我们一定要心怀感恩和珍惜他们的教授。希望大家一起参与药师大法会,我想我们可以学以致用,以药师法去面对这个新冠疫情,并战胜它。

Rachel Wong

I adopted Bambi 10 years ago from my neighbor. A few weeks ago, there’s a lump on top of her leg. During the Medicine Master Retreat, while I was in the middle of chanting, Bambi would sit beside me to listen. When I did the life Liberation, I would dedicate to my family, friends, and this lovely furry friend, Bambi. On Dec 2020, my son brought Bambi for a medical check-up. The lump is totally gone! Thank you and grateful to Medicine Masters and 12 Yaksa. Thanks to Geshe Michael and Dr. Wu for all your wisdom and compassion teachings. Rejoices all our good deeds to this meaningful retreat.

Shirley Tan 陈雪梨

I am in the life insurance industry. The sales in August 2021 have doubled up as compared to July 2021 effortless. My clients used to sign for the monthly paid plan. In August, I have successfully transferred the new clients to the yearly paid plan. And surprisingly, they just signed up without any hesitation. I practice Medicine Master’s teaching every day and night. I am glad that Dr. Blue has helped me! Thus, it is my biggest acquisition. I will continue to practice it as I am in faith that I can be even more successful in the future.