Teacher Introduction

Dr. Eric Wu

吴銘峰 博士

Dr. Eric Wu

Represents young elite in China. He is not only a successful businessman, but also a noble philanthropist, outstanding scholar and excellent teacher.
吴銘峰博士是中国的青年精英,他不但是一位 成功的商人,更是一位高尚的慈善家,杰出的 学者及优秀的老师。

Growing up in a scholarly family, he has developed an exceptional interest in Chinese traditional culture since he was a child. Over the years, he has been tirelessly learning from his teachers, diligently practicing, and advocating to bring classics into life and live it out.
他生長在浓厚的书香門第,自幼时起便对 中华传統文化产生了异乎寻常的兴趣,多 年來他孜孜不倦的师承学习,精进实践, 倡导将經典带入生活,活出經典。

Preserving the ancient classics

He has carried out many great projects to improve people's livelihood worldwide and has supported and founded many cultural innovation centers around the world to promote the preservation, sorting, translation, publication, and cultural and educational innovation of ancient classics.
他在世界范围内开展了許多旨在改善民生的伟大 項目,并在全球范围内支持及创办了多所文化创 新机构,推动古老經典的保护、整理、翻譯、出 版,以及文化教育创新

Modern and Traditional medicine

Dr. Wu also has deep attainments in both modern and Chinese traditional medicine, he created some of the world’s most advanced western medical research and treatment facilities.
吴博士在传統医学及现代医学方面也有很深的造 詣,并以此为基础创建了世界最頂級的医疗研究 机构和治疗中心

Honorary Doctorate

from Mexican Congress

On November 4, 2016, the Mexican Congress awarded him an honorary doctorate in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the use of Chinese traditional culture, especially in the field of youth education, and his continuous efforts for the happiness and prosperity of the world.
在2016年11月4日,墨西哥国会为表彰其运用中华 传統文化,尤其是在青少年教育領域所做出的突 出貢献,以及为世界幸福与繁榮付出持續的努力, 特授予他榮誉博士学位。

Bestselling book


On February 4, 2017, his bestselling book China Love You, which he collaborated with Geshe Michael Roach, was officially published. This book expounds the ultimate wisdom about "competition" in various forms and angles, and it is selling well in North America.
在2017年的02月4日,他与麥克罗奇格西合作的 暢銷书籍《CHINA LOVE YOU》正式出版。此 书以多种形式,多种角度,全方位的闡述了有关 于“竞争”一事的終极智慧,在北美暢銷。

Best ideas from past and present, East and West

Dr. Eric Wu is determined to inherit and innovatively disseminate Chinese culture, learn from the past and the present, and integrate the best ideas from the East and the West. His thoughts and actions will have a profound impact on the entire world that transcends national boundaries and crosses races.
吴銘峰博士立志于对中华文化的传承及创新传播, 学貫古今,匯通东西,他的思想和行动将对整个 世界产生超越国界、跨越种族的深远影响。