FAQ 常见问题

  • How can I make payment?

    You can pay by stripe or PayPal using credit card account
    您可以使用信用卡帐户通过 Stripe 或 PayPal 付款

  • What is the language of the course?

    All the courses will be mainly Chinese, translation will be provided in English, Vietnamese currently.

  • How can I watch replay?

    Please go to the 'ALL COURSES' section, click and open up the class and play the 'replay'.

  • How do I get refund?

    Please check our TERMS & CONDITIONS. If there is anything we can help please contact us via SUPPORT
    请查看我们的“条款和条件”。 如果有什么我们可以帮助的,请通过点击“支持”与我们联系

  • Do all classes broadcasted via ZOOM?

    Yes. Our classes will be live broadcasted via ZOOM. Hence, please download ZOOM in advance and we recommend you to try out and get used to the service before joining the actual class.
    是的。 我们的课程将通过 ZOOM 进行现场直播。 因此,请提前下载ZOOM,我们建议您在加入实际课程之前试用并习惯该服务。